Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Lori Tubert's Junior Golf Tournament Guidance

"Where to Play and Why" to get your Junior Golfer "Ranked and Recruited!"

Lori's proven expertise is setting up your junior golfer's playing season to maximize experience, visibility and ranking.

The hardest thing for anyone guiding a junior golfer is figuring out "Where to Play and Why."  The lists of available junior golf tournaments and junior tours are overwhelming. How does a person start to guide a junior golfer through the maze of junior events? Where should one play to build experience? Where should one play to get noticed? How does one make informed decisions?  Can we stay close to home?  Do we need to travel?  No matter where you live or want to play in the United States, Junior Golf Tournament Guidance has the answers to these questions and more.  

Lori Tubert's own story:  Three years after my thirteen year old said “I want to play golf,” she was recruited by over fifty top Division I Colleges.  Three weeks after graduating from high school, she won her first national title. She was ranked the number two college freshman recruit by Golfweek. She had only been playing golf a total of five years.

No matter the age or path of your junior golfer, Junior Golf Tournament Guidance can help you with your journey.  Learn to navigate the world of junior golf from a successful parent who has lived it.

The Path to Greatness in Junior Golf is not Random, Let's ~ "Give Your Game Plan, A Game Plan"